An app-connected indoor self-watering planter that takes care of your plants.
So that you don't have to.
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Save precious time

Lilani automatically waters your plants efficiently based on soil moisture and light levels so you don't have to.

Connect Lilani with our app that suggests the best plants, displays your plant's vitals, and teaches you how they grow.

Lilani saves up to 60% more water due to its effective self-watering system. Save water one planter at a time.



Lilani Plant Devices automatically water your plants based on soil moisture levels calibrated specifically for your plant(which means that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view).
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Connect our Lilani Plant Devices with our iPhone app to track all of your plants at once. We'll also let you set custom notes and notifications and teach you how they grow, with plant care tips on sunlight, fertilizing, and pests and diseases so that you can be the best plant parent you know.


Lilani Plant Devices save up to 30% more water than a regular planter because of its effective self-watering feature. So not only are you caring for your plants, but you're also doing your part to help the planet. Save water, one planter at a time.
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Our Mission

Let us help you become the best plant parent you know. We're on a mission to make houseplant care easier than ever and help you responsibly care for your plants!

We want to create a world filled with beautiful healthy plants and with our plant devices customly crafted for your plants, you're helping fill the world with greener gardens.


What is Lilani?

Instead of worrying about when to water your plants and whether you have the time, let Lilani's smart self-watering plant devices take care of your plants for you. Our technology can keep your plants watered for up to a month before you need to refill the water tank (which means you'll never have to waste precious time again). Perfect for the avid traveler or houseplant lover.

But wait, there's more! Use our mobile iPhone app to see which plants you should add to your collection and how to effectively tend to them. You'll also be able to check your plant's soil moisture levels and learn important houseplant tips on sunlight, pests, and more. Just connect to the app, add some soil, and let Lilani take care of the rest!

Who's Behind It?

Born and raised in Colorado, Felix Yu is a highschooler who created Lilani Plants after he continuously failed to correctly water his grandma's wide variety of beloved plants. Trained in entreprenuership at Northwestern LaunchX and in coding at CSU, Felix developed both the app and hardware components to create the complete plant care package. When not working on Lilani, he enjoys golfing, hiking, skiing, and hanging out with his family.

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