Frequently asked questions

How do Lilani Plant Devices work?

Lilani Plant Devices use a soil moisture sensor to detect when the plant needs water and then pumps it water through the reservoir, watering your plant through the top of the soil. This prevents both overwatering and underwatering and only waters your plant when conditions are adequate.

What devices work with Lilani?

Currently, IOS devices work with Lilani. We are working to provide compatibility with other devices.

How long does the water reservoir last until I have to refill it?

The water reservoir should last around 3 weeks with the majority of plants, however, it does depend on the specific plant. But don't worry, you can see when the reservoir needs refilling with the water indicator stick on the plant pot.

What is the size of the plant pot?

Lilani's smart planter is designed for indoors and should fit on your windowsill, table, or most other places. The exact sizes are: 13 in x 6 in x 6 in LxWxH. You will have a 8 in x 6 in x 6 in LxWxH area to place your plants in.

What does the app do?

Our mobile app can be used to manually control the pump and display the soil moisture level, with more features added every week. Using a plant database, it will tell you how to grow your plant best by giving sunlight, fertilizing, watering, pest control, and more tips for your plants. You can check out our app "Lilani Plants" on the App Store!

Where can I put the plant pot?

You can put the Lilani Plant Pot anywhere indoors, such as on a windowsill, a table, and more. You can also put the Lilani Plant Pot on your porch or balcony.